Trampoline rebounder 40inch

  • $302.00
  • Save $252

Trampoline rebounder 40inch

Start out and end the day with our Trampoline rebounder. This miniature bounce house isn't to just relive your youth but offers great health benefits such as:

  • Full body detox for your lymphatic system
  • Joint friendly exercise
  • Improved balance and back posture
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Bonus.....weight-loss

To use: Jump moderately for 15 minutes or in between students to keep yourself fit and improved circulation if you are sitting for long periods of time. 

Have fun with exercise at a great price. This trampoline is easy for storage, lightweight, portable and

Weight max:  220 lbs /100KG

Measurement: Screw on legs(6pcs) : 11"  high

Material: Mild steel coat-painted ring 1" diameter 1.2mm  thickness/jumping mat:PP mesh, UV-resistant

Color: Black pad  with a color trim 4 individual colors to choose Yellow/Orange/Green/Blue/Purple 

Weight of rebounder- 18lbs

Accessory included- Detachable handle used for balance

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