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Professional Bluetooth Ultra-slim Wireless Keyboard

  • $22.08


Professional Bluetooth Ultra-slim Wireless Keyboard 

As an ESL teacher you want ease. One day you were doing a juggling act and your drink and a liquid spilled all over your keyboard or like me your computer keyboard only had half the keys working. Baby lets solve it. Get this keyboard.It connects via blue tooth and is super lightweight. The battery lasts about 2 weeks. It has an automatic shut off to prevent battery burn out after 30 minutes. This keyboard lets you keep working. Getting this all in one keyboard allows you to not have the hassle of spending on a new computer and all new swapping over of data. It lets you have the time needed to save up for a new computer.  Listed at a price way cheaper than a new computer. Solve your issue and get this keyboard. I am happy and so will you!

Language: English
Style: Ergonomics,Slim,For Tablet, Laptop, Apple for iPad Series iOS System
Keyboard Standard: Laptop Keyboard
Application: Desktop,Tablet,Laptop
Full Size keyboard: Yes
Operation Style: Membrane
Type: Bluetooth Wireless
Color: Black and White
Keyboard Standard: Standard Keyboard
Waterproof: No

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