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Metal Computer Desk Arm and Wrist Support

  • $67.50


Metal Computer Desk Arm and Wrist  Support

If you spend any large amount of time in front of your computer, this product is vital. Having proper body mechanics is essential for anyone that sits at a desk more than 30 hours a week. Reduce stress and offer better posture support with our

  • This armrest is made  to provide a sturdy and reliable arm rest. Easily adjustable, but can definitely support the strain of everyday use.
  • Reduce the stress from cervical vertebrae shoulder arm and wrist. Relieving 90 percent of the weight undertaken by your wrist strong and durable, supports up to 10kgs or 22lbs.
  • Avoid cervical vertebrae ache, mouse hand, tendon strain and nearsightedness by keeping correct posture with this computer desk arm rest.
  • Reduces the chances of the dreaded "Mouse Shoulder".

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