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ESL Job Alert: Carrot Global

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Carrot Global

About Carrot Global is from South Korea. They are typically South Korean adults whose classes are subsidized by their employers (usually very large corporations, like Samsung and LG). Occasionally, there are students from other countries or younger students.
Pay - The pay is $13 to $17 paid via Paypal or bank transfer on the 20t.h They cover the sender's fees.  If you make less than $500, they send via PayPal. Over that amount, they'll send via PayPal or wire to your bank. They don't cover receiver's fees.  For the Pay Bonuses: You get a 3% pay bonus for the month if you have not had any NS (no-show) or TC (cancellations by the teacher) during the month. They also send out gift cards sometimes such as Amazon and Starbucks gift cards for your birthday,  Christmas, and for being on the “Best Teachers” list for any given month.  The paid holidays are as follows: Full time teachers get 5 paid holidays each year (Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Day, and one flex day that you can choose)
Technical Requirements - You need a decent computer, headset, and webcam. The company will send you a special VOIP phone for audio-only classes. They prefer for you to use an ethernet connection for both the phone and your computer.
Hours - You need to offer a mandatory minimum of  15 hours a week.  6-10am and 7pm-12am KST are  peak hours. Available Hours: 24/7 You determine your available hours when you are hired. You can change your schedule, but you have to request changes one month in advance. You will not receive any special notification when classes are booked. 
Apply where - Email your resume to  Please mention Mamie Sangster as your referrer. The actual interview can be around 20 minutes max  on Skype.  Be sure that your resume lists any kind of teaching experience you have.   Then they will invite you to do a training. Training is 4 to 5 hours. After training you have to 3 days of trial classes only 30 minutes each day. Then after the last class they will make an offer or not. The 4-hour training that is unpaid, but they do pay you for the 9 mock classes. 
Platform - There are different types of classes. Some students use textbooks, some use news articles, some use the Daily Topic (a list of conversation questions about a particular subject, which changes each day), and some just have free talk. The curriculum is usually easy to follow and usually doesn’t require special preparation once you’ve become familiar with the most popular books. They have also just introduced a new electronic type of book which is very easy to use.
Accepted Nationalities -
Native North American 
Native UK 
Native Australian/New Zealand 
Native Ireland 
Native South Africa 
Student Age - You will have a 1 on 1 class with adults ages 18 and over.
Education Required - Bachelor’s degree
Teaching Experience NeededTESOL/TEFL certificate is an advantage but it is NOT a requirement to work for them but it is a plus.

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