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ESL Job Alert: Bizmates

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About - Bizmates is a Philippino ESL company that focuses on Business level English to Japanese adult students. 


Pay - is in 140 to 230 PHP/hour and you can earn as much as 80K Php per month. This is done via PayPal. Please use to get your exchange rate. 


Technical Requirements - High speed Internet with at least 1 Mbps for download and .50 for upload. You cannot use Wifi and must be directly hooked up with an Ethernet. You can only use a Desktop or laptop. You need to have the latest version of Skype, a working headset with microphone and webcam.


Hours - You must be available to teach at least 10 hours per week.  (All times are in PHT – Philippine time).










Availability on SUNDAYS and weekday EVENINGS a plus


Apply where


You fill out the form and you will get a confirmation. It could take up to 72 hours to get a confirmation so be patient. Then you will get a short written English test show you have a foundation in English. Then you will book an interview. After you get hired you will have video training. You will then need to complete a demo with an interviewer.


Uniform Needed -Business attire


Platform - Skype


Accepted Nationalities - They accept English trainers anywhere in the world.


Student Age - Adults 


Education Required - Associates or Bachelor’s degree


Teaching Experience Needed -  3 years experience working in any field. You must be between the ages of 23 to 75 years old. 


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