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English as a Second Language Opens Up Doors

Posted by Blasovia Erinna on

English as a Second Language Opens Up Doors

Do you ever think your day to day language with English can help someone across the world? English as a Second Language (ESL) can make that a possibility. It can help with communications for people on a business level, getting a job or promotion, or simply for fun. English as a second language is a great asset and it can significantly improve one’s life.


Imagine you have come from a poor country or you have a set of skills but want to expand into the English speaking market such as the UK and US. Being matched with an ESL teacher will grant a passport to changing your family economics. As an ESL teacher, you need to work with the student/client on how to bring their potential to light.


When you meet your student initially, try to get a gauge on why they need to learn English. I have had a creative answer such as wanted to be able to speak better English with their spouse. There are so many reasons for one to learn a language. Make your lessons engaging and worthwhile.


ESL can be offered in different settings. Meeting in the cafe is informal and can let a person meet on a casual level. Meeting online gives the student the option of convenience of not having to travel or time restraints. Group lessons can give you the option of students leaning on another if they need support from the class. The last option is via the college or university setting. It’s the most expensive option and most students aren’t keen to learn English this way as they need to go through many classes “before” they can go into their actual college degree program. This can be thousands of dollars and delay of many years. You can not only help speed up the improvement of their lives but your help can benefit many referrals. ESL is a positive way to open up doors for a foreigner.

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