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Self Care for English as a Second Language Teachers

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Talking and talking, but no this isn’t the only thing we do as ESL teachers. We are mind, body, and spirit. We are parents, breadwinners, and caregivers.

Voice care- As an ESL teacher we can spend up to 30 to 80 hours speaking with students. Then how about after? We talk with friends and family and sometimes we work a physical job and then the talking continues. What I like to do after a session I drink tea to soothe my throat. I also use a zinc spray to keep sore throats at bay. Great oral health is key as well. Flossing, mouth rinses and brushing at least twice a day can help in mouth health. If you are out of commission due to needing multiple cavities. You can count on losing income.

Weight- Sitting all day is a dream and a curse. Using a standing desk can help you with keeping active and promoting proper circulation. Weight gain as a teacher is stressing to the body, unhealthy and can add foreseeable side effects that are hard to reverse. If you do not have access to a standing desk. Be sure to stretch in between classes and take a 30 to 45-minute walk to keep your heart and body healthy. Emailgroupie Education has a great selection of standing desks and accessories.

Eyesight- Have you been staring at a computer screen for hours. Take the time every 20 to 30 minutes to look away from the monitor. Giving your eyes a rest can also prevent undereye circles and bags. Looking refreshed is what a student is looking for. Teachers should always present energy.

Physical presence- So when meeting a student a teacher needs to dress properly in clean clothes, combed hair to complete the clean appearance. A good impression shows you care about yourself and how you present your lesson. A messy person gives the illusion of not caring. Students like a teacher that is here to give 100%.

Break time- You may think that working all the time as an ESL teacher is so easy you want to do it all the time. With any job, there is burn out. Take breaks. Either set yourself to have 1 day off a week for reflection and relaxation. If you can’t take off one day a week set once a year or twice to go on a nice holiday. It can be a simple staycation where you just sleep in. The benefits are if you take a break you can reboot and have a boost of energy upon return.

I hope that some of these self-care ideas help you be the best teacher going forward.

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